Time Travelers Disguised In Wax & Wick

Candles are little time travelers disguised in wax and wick! Lighting a candle is like pressing play on your own personal nostalgia playlist. The moment the flame flickers to life, it's as if a floodgate of memories opens up, and suddenly you're swept away to your nans kitchen with the scent of her famous apple pie or curled up in a cosy blanket fort from your childhood. It's like having a tiny magic wand that whispers, "Remember this?" The flickering glow becomes a storyteller, recounting tales of laughter, quiet moments, and all the feels. Candles are basically nostalgia in a jar – cute, cosy, and ready to whisk you away on a sentimental adventure with just a strike of a match! 

Discovering why our customers adore specific scents is literally like unwrapping a box of heartfelt memories, and some of my absolute favourite messages are when I get to hear the reasons as to why a customer loves a particular scent.

A customer shared that one of our Limited Edition scents instantly brought back the warm embrace of their late grandfather, who was forever fragrant with the sweet essence of melon sweets. The connection with the scent was so strong; they couldn’t bare to light it! Then, in another message, a customer shared how a scent we created had catapulted them back in time to a special childhood memory that they had long forgotten until now.

These daily love notes about our candles being treasured keepsakes offer a profound and unique insight into the enduring love for candles, a tradition that has stood the test of time.

So cheers to candles, evoking memories and transforming your home into a solid 10 out of 10

Bee x

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