The Family Behind TWB

Hey Guys!

We thought it would be a good idea to start a blog as we'd like a platform to chat to you all about who we are, what we do, how we do, events we've got coming up, launches, press releases etc. in more detail than what we can on Instagram or Facebook. 

So for our first blog post, here's a little bit about us!

- 26 & 5 ft 3
- Born and raised in Stone, Staffs but moved to London for five years for university, before moving back and having little Callow (our now 3-year-old daughter!)
- Achieved a degree in Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster
- An Aquarius and in love with anything spiritual
- Very passionate about anything and everything 
- Cat obsessed
- Food obsessed
- Has a different hair colour every week

- 27
- Originally from Hertfordshire but has now been converted to a Northerner
- Works full time as a professional Graphic Designer
- Achieved a degree in Graphic Communication Design at the University of Westminster
- Loves all things minimal
- Obsessed with dogs, knows all the dog facts you could ever know
- The most chill person you will ever meet

- 3
- The sassiest little gal you've ever met
- Loves fruit, absolutely obsessed with blueberries, raspberries, apples, bananas and strawberries
- Adores butterflies 
- Piglet is her favourite teddy (as is Bee's)
- Her favourite candle scent is 'the coffee one', as she says
- Loves all animals
- Says she won't work when she's older because she's a princess...
- Favourite colour is pink

So that's a little bit about us! There is actually more of us, as we have two dogs and three cats - but for now that's a bit of info about the humans that help make the candles you love.

We can't wait to start writing and posting more on this little blog, and we hope that you'll love watching us as our little family-run business grows.

Lots of Love,

Bee x

The Wandering Bee Family

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